Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Switches and Buttons

So how often does your mind flips a switch?
What kind of switch? People usually think of a sane and insane switch, or an interest/hobby switch.

And the more frequent you flip the switch, the higher chance of it being flipped the next time, so says common sense and statistics.

Another would be, button pushing. Which does the same thing, but for some reason has a more negative annotation to it. Let's assume this is because of the military who fire nukes and missiles at a push of a button, and a switch for lightbulbs to lighten a room. What you see in the room is a different matter altogether though.

Now who creates these switches and buttons on people? Its not a conscious application by the majority, however its usually a side effect of how our brain, consciousness, personality and upbringing is manifested.

Whether we harbour intense feelings of guilt, interest, or passion. The desire to suppress or cultivate, we require an outlet else chaos resides in our mind and soul. Its not something we can avoid so long as we are humans. (Enlightened humans are a different matter)

Now what happens if some of these switches are something undesirable? Its not like we can just call an electrician to dewire  it. The most we can do is try to settle our minds, find the energy that powers the switch and redirect it elsewhere. The longer the switch has been flipped, the harder it is to reroute, just like heavy traffic on a highway compared to a quiet street.

However, like all sayings goes, to move a mountain, start with its pebbles. To drain the sea, start with droplets, to climb a tower, start with the first step. Set backs, falls and trips are bound to occur, but with some observations sometimes and practice we can eventually minimize them.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mobile postings

Oooh, I can blog from my phone too!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Preview for upcomming changes

So meanwhile, i try to sort out the new blog. I'll give a general outline of what it'll be.

I am currently doing Tai Chi. I started Tai Chi somewhere back in my late teens or early 20s with the Yang Style 24 Form.

However, once learning the form, i had finished that class.

Unfortunately/Fortunately, Tai Chi itself is simply much more than that. Putting aside the most common views
a) its slow
b) its for oldies
c) its for health
d) its martial arts baby~

Tai Chi, like many martial arts has a core to it which I was taught back when I was learning the 24 form. Sure the teacher taught the form, how to do the form, the applications of the form, or their origins of it. But the essence, fundamentals, philosophy of Tai Chi wasn't passed on to me.

As the saying goes, Ignorance is Bliss.

but, my counter to that is always
"Knowledge is Power"

and my counter to that is
"Wisdom is how and when to use that Power"

And lets put in a new one
"Enlightenment is interwined with Wisdom"

Which brings me to another nice saying that from Buddha back when he was still in the mortal realm and after his enlightenment when a student asked him
   "Buddha, do you know everything?"
To which, the Buddha replied
   "I only know what is essential."

Now, i'll leave that for food for thought for those who are reading and actually got to that stage XD

But yes, i'll be blogging about my lessons? thoughts, opinions, on Tai Chi, along with whatever will be suitable or along those themes.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Has it been three years since my last update on my blog?
What has happened in these three years? Many anime, manga and light novels!

I was wondering if this blog was still active, and lo and behold! It Is!!!

However, as mentioned on the side, I was trying to refocus on what to blog about, and after three years, i THINK i'm getting closer to an answer i might be relatively happy to blog about.

Unfortunately its not a concrete topic, but a variety blog lifestyle with potential of a few themes within.

Interestingly enough, my phrase "Perfect Insanity and an Infinite Realm - Breaking boundaries that hold you down" is still applicable >.>....

Well keep in touch, and this blog, if it still has any viewers or followers, will be slowly be back into life! Like a cycle!! Like how everything works and is!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A way to see im' still "active"

Despite having falling off the blogosphere, i have been sharing (somewhere online) what i've been reading and find interesting.
For those who wish to know what i do, or am doing, this will probably be the greatest site to find me. a mere 1% of that already overshadows my twitter, facebook and blogspot here.

It is the link..
to my Google Reader Feeds!
Or those who are following me via Google Buzz. that too.

Though i am awaiting for Google+. it seems interesting if it links everything, since i am a fair google user.

ANyways, here's my Google Reader Link (RSS compatible)


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Err... hey...

Hey guys,

err.. yea...
If you're still around reading this, i sincerely humbly thank you *bows*

I have been quite busy and occupied and kind of left my blog neglected....

As in the terms of anime and manga... Nothing new has caught my interest that would be worth blogging.

On the upside in my Offline life, i have got a new part time job =D

so now i'm employed in two different places ^__^

Hopefully i'll start having a schedule of when i should tell you guys i'm still rockin and not dying or what not.

And for those who have been constantly checking and dissapointed that i haven't updated anything, my humbliest apologies.

I'll do try to keep you guys informed of whats going on the ins and outs or so here.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

HK Tourist Tragedy.

8 Hong Kong Tourists in Manila were killed, with 2 more in critical condition in a Bus Jacking.

Although there are many lives currently being lost in the world whether innocent or guilty, the situation that was handled in Manila is a bit.... infutriating..

Hong Kong paper, english edition, front page.